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Rooms to Let: CLE!

A new type of canvas is coming to Cleveland!  Inspired by a similar project in Columbus, Rooms to Let: Cleveland  (RTL) will create a series of temporary arts exhibitions using vacant homes as a truly interpretational, opportune art medium.

Recently announced and led by Slavic Village Development (in conjunction with Columbus’ Rooms to Let group and Zygote Press), Rooms to Let: Cleveland has already harnessed the excitement of artists nearby and across the country – with some participants coming from as far away as California and New York.

The event will be held May 17th with a day-long (1-6pm) neighborhood block party and street tour – free and open to the public.  The project will include diverse live music through porch concerts and interactive arts for guests of all ages.  Houses slated for transformation are on Forman and Fleet Avenues in Slavic Village.

The curators, Westleigh Harper & Michael Horton of MAKER design studio, Barbara Bachtell, Director of Broadway School of Music & the Arts and visual artist, Scott Pickering, a graphic designer and multi-media artist (all of whom live or work in the Slavic Village neighborhood), have accepted proposals from a range of artists interested in creating transformations of space in abandoned or foreclosed homes.

Given the larger context of Slavic Village’s unique history (and national attention received in the wake of the American foreclosure crisis), Rooms to Let: Cleveland provides an opportunity to view one of Cleveland’s most historic neighborhoods in new light. Rooms to Let inverts those icons often associated with neighborhood blight and despair into new propositions of engagement, resilience, and contemplation.

Proposed artists participating in the event include: Allison Lukacsy, David Craun, Theodore Ferringer, Michael Horton, Westliegh Harper, Michael Loderstedt, Donald Black, Jr., Ali McClain, Gabriel Gonzalez, Darius Steward, and Shawn Jiménez, Claudia Berlinski, Nicholas Fenell, Charles Gliha, Jessica Naples, Cynthia Penter, Julie Schenkelberg, Laila Voss, Olga Ziemska, Matthew Rowe, Barbara Bachtell, Scott Pickering, Bob Aufuldish, David Cintron, Alane Potokar Sandoval, Tony Yanick, Sean Kelly, Loren Naji, Jeff Chiplis, Steven Intermill, Justin Brennan, and Dan Corrigan.

For more RTL updates, RSVP to the event listing on facebook, visit or contact Joe Duffy and/or Elizabeth Grace with Slavic Village Development at 216-429-1182 (Joe ext. 116, Elizabeth ext. 102).  This project is supported by a Cuyahoga Arts and Culture support grant and advisement assistance from Liz Maugens and Melissa Vogley Woods.

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