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Slavic Village Recovery… “Stress Free” Homes:  Other than a catchy slogan, what is a “Stress Free” home?

Let’s face it – most of the stress in our lives has a dollar figure attached to it.  How many times has something gone wrong, and the first question in mind is: “How much is this going to cost”, and the next thought is: “There is no way to get ahead”.

A “Stress Free” home can relieve a lot of financial uncertainty.  Ranging from $56,000 to $64,000 in price.

First of all – With a monthly payment in the $450 range (and that includes taxes and insurance) – There is the lack of stress from wondering if you can afford the most basic monthly living expense…

Then there is the lack of stress normally endured when opening that monthly bill from Dominion East Ohio Gas.  Living in a home with a new furnace, weather-tight windows, and insulation produces much lower utility bills.

“Stress Free” means not being stressed out over the condition of the electric wiring, the plumbing in the walls, the condition of the roof.  A Slavic Village Recovery home has been rebuilt!  Your only stresses will be decorating, and deciding where to put the TV.

Commuting downtown?  How about the lack of stress living only 15 minutes away from downtown – without getting on an interstate?  For that matter – ride your bike downtown on the new bike trail six months out of the year.  Live Near – Go Far!

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