Broadway Slavic Village is a community of neighborhoods, with a wealth of iconic places and spaces for its residents and visitors to enjoy. Come and explore all the things to do, places to visit and ways to get involved. We are happy you stopped by!

What's New

New Trailside Homes: Call 216-619-9696!

Trailside is an exciting new neighborhood growing in the heart of Slavic Village, offering the perfect newly built home for those looking to take advantage of city life, and become part of something very special. Nestled among a strong neighborhood of homeowners, the development is adjacent to the Third Federal headquarters, and is located just minutes from all major highways, Tremont, Ohio City, Downtown and University Circle. The Trailside development is located along the Morgana Run multipurpose trail at the intersection of E. 71st Street and Aetna Road. The first phase of the development offers two detached home styles, both with three bedrooms and open floor plans.  The homes are designed for ease of maintenance…


Stress Free Recovery Homes: Call 216-429-1182 x 143!

Click here to visit the Slavic Village Recovery Homes Official Page for up-to-date listings! Slavic Village Recovery… “Stress Free” Homes:  Other than a catchy slogan, what is a “Stress Free” home? Let’s face it – most of the stress in our lives has a dollar figure attached to it.  How many times has something gone wrong, and the first question in mind is: “How much is this going to cost”, and the next thought is: “There is no way to get ahead”. A “Stress Free” home can relieve a lot of financial uncertainty.  Ranging from $56,000 to $64,000 in price. First of all – With a monthly payment in the $450 range (and that includes…